Home Improvement

Feeling invigorated this weekend, I decided to test my patience and Kyle’s fortitude with one of the most dreaded activities a couple can engage in: building Ikea furniture. After all, no one was going to come build it for us. And I was feeling superhuman that day.

I gave Kyle one fair warning: “Honey, this activity might make me a little crazy, so just do your best to not provoke me while I’m organizing my thoughts… or my hardware.” I decided to have a little something just to take the edge off.

Ikea instructions are frustrating for most people, but I respond very well to them. I think they are written for type A personalities like me. They include:

  • only the picture detail that matters, because I don’t need frills – I need results
  • minimal words, because I am too impatient to read them – I have work to do
  • diagrams of hardware with quantities and part numbers, so I can create an identical array of hardware on my living room floor, in the precise quantities listed
  • no sharp tools so as not to tempt me to harm anyone who gets between me and my goal

Just two hours later (ugh), we had a new table and chairs!

This table expands with two leaves that lay flat under the table surface and then slide out to expand to seating for six! I have it laid out for 4-person seating below but it could easily fit two more.

We had a very special dinner that night to celebrate our new dining table. I tried making tempeh for the first time (which will get its own post later this week) and it resulted in this nice romantic dinner. . .

. . . with every component laid out in perfect rows. Do I see a pattern here?

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