Farmers’ Market 09.18.10

We had a ton of errands to run this Saturday so we headed out to the SOTJ farmers’ market early, before having coffee or food. As we walked up to the collection of tents, we smelled the distinct aroma of barbecue and we could think of nothing but getting food. Fast.

We quickly walked past the barbecue and made a beeline for the Crossroads Coffee truck.

I have been a fan of Crossroads ever since I discovered it with a friend on an unlikely trip south of the river soon after my freshman year of college. Their service is great, their food is delicious and their Rostov’s coffee is perfect every time. And now they’re at my favorite market!

Kyle and I each ordered an everything bagel with “the works”: cream cheese, market tomato, market basil, and capers.

Ohmiguh delicious.

And I ordered a cup of coffee because I’m useless without it.

Finally we got around to picking up some veggies. Here is what we brought home this week, minus two butternut squash that we immediately started roasting to put into soup for a good friend.

  • Acorn squash
  • Tomatoes
  • Swiss chard
  • Zucchini
  • Sweet potatoes

This was technically the last market trip of the summer so I had to get some tomatoes and zucchini – it just wouldn’t be right otherwise. But I could not resist grabbing some fall vegetables too. And I have big plans for the chard and potatoes, thanks to Real Simple!

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