Iced Coffee: Cold Brew Method

It may be the beginning of Fall, but it’s not too late to enjoy iced coffee. The morning chill in the air has me reaching for a warm cup of caffeine, but the soaring temperatures into the afternoon leave me wanting a cool and refreshing pick-me-up before the end of the work day. Without the high demand for cold beverages and the revolving door of apartment guests that summer brings, I find myself in a caffeine conundrum. I want to have iced coffee on hand, but I don’t want to commit to a full pitcher of it in my refrigerator.

Lucky for me, I received an iced coffee toddy in July of this year, and all of my cold and hot coffee problems are solved. Not only is the toddy the best method for brewing iced coffee, it also provides an extremely versatile base for making various coffee beverages. How convenient for the changing of the seasons!

The toddy cold brew method allows you to brew a strong coffee concentrate with relatively low acidity that can be mixed with hot or ice cold water to produce a cup of coffee at the temperature that you prefer. For me, that’s hot in the AM and cold in the PM. Although it takes a little preparation with twelve hours of brewing required, it is very simple to use, and the concentrate lasts for up to 14 days in the refrigerator.

Here is the cold brew method, as described on the side of the toddy box:

I used Kenya AA from World Market for my coffee.

It is important to use coarse ground coffee, so I grind my own beans.

Assemble the toddy (container  + filter + plug) and position it over the carafe. Mix the coffee with water, per the proportions in the instruction booklet.

After 12 hours, pull the plug and drain the container, extracting a delicious (and very strong) concentrate that can be mixed 1 part concentrate to 3 parts water.

After making coffee this way for years as an employee of a local coffee shop, I am so proud to have a toddy in my own kitchen. I don’t know why it even took so long to add a toddy to my collection of brewing equipment, but it is a welcome addition. I have used it to make hot coffee, iced coffee, and even blended coffee drinks. I strongly recommend it to anyone who loves coffee as much as I do. This device is well worth the $30-40 investment.


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