Missing the Market

Throughout the spring and summer, I had been going to the farmers’ market every Saturday morning.  Lately I have been missing out though; I have found myself too busy doing other things on Saturday mornings. I am still buying a good amount of local produce through our local natural foods market, but a little part of me misses the experience of strolling between the stalls, picking through fresh vegetables, and gushing over cute puppies that I wish were my own. Although every Saturday morning, I have been just a little too busy doing things that make me forget how much I miss the market.

Cheering on my Dad in his first century ride…

Walking on the beach at Assateague Island…

Tackling the chore list (which included washing a mountain of dishes)…

Getting my very own  bike…

Taking beautiful Fall road trips which have allowed me to watch the leaves slowly change color with each passing weekend…

Hopefully I’ll make it back to the market again this weekend, although a hiking trail in central Virginia is calling my name… At least I have a local grocery store where I can pick up fresh produce from the same farms that I would visit at the market each weekend. And they have a great bike rack for my shiny new ride!


Source: Ellwood Thompson


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