POM Party: Let Them Eat Cake

This post is part of a series of recaps of my POM Wonderful Dinner Party. Catching up? See all the posts here: POM Party.

Aaahhh, dessert.

After our bowls of paella (and some guests’ second or third bowls of paella), we adjourned to the living room for a little demonstration on how to open a pomegranate. To make things a little more interesting, I had everyone guess how many seeds that were in the pomegranate that I was about to open.

We counted the seeds in piles of 100 each…

The final count was over 900 seeds! Everyone guessed way too low, but the guesser with the closest estimate won a cutting board, compliments of POM Wonderful.

What a goofy picture. I think the pomegranate mojitos were starting to take effect for all of us.

When the demo was over, I was able to announce to my guests that everyone was a winner. POM Wonderful supplied me with a goodie bag for each dinner guest. It was full of POM swag and it was a nice surprise for my guests who came for the free meal and left with. . . wristbands!

My friends dug through their swag bags while I prepared a traditional Cuban dessert with a twist: Tres Leches Cake with Pomegranate Whipped Cream and Arils.

I am not sure if I can post the recipe here, but you can follow this link for the recipe I used from Three Guys From Miami. I substituted homemade pomegranate whipped cream for the frosting. You can find my original recipe for the whipped cream here.

It was a delicious way to wrap up a fantastic evening. Thank you to POM Wonderful for helping me make this event a success.

One thought on “POM Party: Let Them Eat Cake

  1. 900 seeds?! I bought my first pomegranate (I’d had the seeds on things before) last week and ate almost all the seeds in one sitting. That cake looks so luscious! Congrats on conquering the party. 🙂

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