Whole Foods Thanksgiving

Check out a great marketing piece from Whole Foods. I had to mention it because I was very impressed with it as I ate my salad there this weekend.

This is the Whole Foods Thanksgiving Menu for all the prepared foods that they will offer for Thanksgiving this year. You can order a variety of meals for all sizes of dinner parties.

There is even a vegan option!

I love how clean yet inviting the whole brochure looks. They even included information about local farms from which they source the components of their prepared foods.

They have also included this great chart to help you calculate how much food you should have per person.

This marketing piece not only makes me want to go to Whole Foods for help with my Thanksgiving feast; it makes me sad that I am not pulling off a giant Thanksgiving feast of my own this year! Anyway, enough gushing. But honestly I was seriously impressed.

This post is in no way sponsored by Whole Foods, however I would like to take this moment to BEG Whole Foods to hire me for their marketing team. Whole Foods, please oh pretty please hire me to make next year’s Thanksgiving Menu even better!

And Happy Holiday to you too. 🙂

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