One World Cafe, Baltimore, MD

One of the great things about coming home for the holidays is rediscovering my hometown as an adult. I love finding little places that I never knew existed while I was growing up, and I really enjoy seeing how the city has changed over the years that I have been gone. Immediately after my train pulled into Baltimore’s Penn Station, my mom and I ventured out in search of food. We drove to One World Cafe on the outskirts of Johns Hopkins University.

Tucked into a corner space on West University Parkway, One World Cafe is a popular vegetarian spot that offers a full coffee bar with espresso, brewed coffee, tea, and smoothies.

Just beyond the coffee bar area is a restaurant with table service. The dark purple walls are lined with local artwork and there is plenty of comfy seating with tons of pillows!

The best part is the giant menu full of vegetarian and vegan options. They had the largest selection of veg sandwiches I have ever seen in one place!

I ordered a cup of one of the soups of the day: butternut squash. The creamy soup was  perfect for the cold and windy day we were having. It included pureed butternut squash and small pieces of carrots, celery, onion, and peppers and was topped with halved walnuts. The soup was seasoned perfectly and it was a delicious start to our meal.

My mom and I split the veggie burger of the day. Their veggie burgers are always fresh and homemade and today’s burger was a black bean and corn patty with salsa and corn chips on the side. The sandwich was loaded with lettuce, tomato, and sprouts. Yum!

One World Cafe is the perfect place to come in from the cold and catch up over a hot cup of coffee and a filling and nutritious meal. This cafe is definitely a new favorite in my old hometown. It makes me excited to check out more local haunts, both old and new, while visiting for the holidays this year.

Happy Thanksgiving!

2 thoughts on “One World Cafe, Baltimore, MD

  1. I lived in Baltimore for four years while at Peabody, but never went to this place! That soup and burger look awesome. I miss Baltimore!

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