Farmers’ Market 12.04.10

Shall we?

I decided I had to make it to the last SOTJ market of the outdoor market season, and I dragged Kyle along with me in the cold this morning. I promised him coffee before and hiking after, so he was sold. I am so glad we went!

Here is what we picked up this week, and the loot includes a very funny looking character called a Black Spanish Radish. I’m eager to see what I can do with these. They are my kitchen challenge for this week.

click for a closer look


  • Cauliflower
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Apple cider
  • Black pepper linguine
  • Black Spanish radishes
  • Goat cheese wrapped in hot peppers, rosemary, and corn husk

As we finished tasting all of the goat cheeses that Bonnyclabber had to offer, our coffee cups went empty and we had only one thing in mind. In the interest of squeezing in all of the Fall activities that we love to do, we headed on to hiking. The first snow of the season is scheduled for tonight so I think we both had an urge to celebrate Fall as much as possible while we still could. Onward to the crunchy leaves and scenic river views.

Farewell to the market at Forest Hill Park. . . until next year.

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