A Feasibility Study on Biking to Work

I live about 3 miles away from my downtown office and I make a 10-minute drive to work 4-5 days a week. Since I have started to get more into bicycling lately, I am considering biking to work a few days a week. Add the rising price of gas and my desire to reduce my carbon footprint to the table, and I’ve moved this idea from crazy notion to serious possibility. Last week I did a test run on a sunny weekend morning to see if I could make it work.


Stamina: yes

Bike-friendly roads: yes – no bike lanes but I found a route with wide shoulders and few potholes

Bike racks nearby: X

Scenery: yes (urban)

Perspiration: X (glistening on a 60 degree day means dripping buckets of sweat on the 90 degree days to come)

This leaves only two questions:

Is there enough space in my cubicle to house this bike – size large?

Am I willing to shower and get ready at work thereby having bad hair and semi-wrinkled clothes for the foreseeable future?

Conclusion: More research needed – I’ll keep you posted.

Does anyone else have tips for bicycle commuting? I’ve been doing some digging on the internet but I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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