Farmers’ Market 5.14 and Spring Supper

Okay so I didn’t actually visit the 5.14 farmers’ market. I have been out of town every weekend for the last month, so I haven’t made it to the Saturday South of the James market yet this season. I have been visiting the Byrd House Market on Tuesday evenings on my way home from work on the Market Mobile.

This week’s finds were actually picked up on 5/10. Check out my loot!

  • Herb fettuccine (Bombolini Pasta)
  • Salad mix (CSA)
  • Red Russian kale (CSA)
  • Easter egg radishes (CSA)
  • Broccoli (CSA)
  • Carrots (CSA)
  • Tomatoes (local greenhouse/farm)

Has your local farmers’ market opened yet? I am so excited when fresh local produce starts flooding the markets and I really enjoy learning about all the ingredients I have never used before. One thing that has helped me embrace seasonal cooking and figure out what to do with all those odd fruits and vegetables is the book Simply in Season. I use this cookbook more than any of the 32 other cookbooks that I currently own.


Last week I picked up some beautiful produce at the Byrd House Market and made a delicious spring supper to celebrate the beginning of the market season. We had an arugula salad with fresh strawberries and goat cheese, and asparagus soup from Simply in Season.

I don’t want to post the recipe from the copyrighted book here, but I found that if you Google “simply in season asparagus soup” you can find plenty of others who have. The only substitutions I made were subbing leeks for the onion and a few splashes of half-and-half for the dry milk powder. Isn’t this a beautiful shade of green for the spring?

The salad recipe is all mine, so here’s what I put in the mix:

  • fresh arugula from Victory Farms CSA
  • fresh sliced strawberries from the farmers’ market
  • crumbled goat cheese from Bucherondin De Chevre (I highly recommend that you try this kind if you can find it)

  • Pine nuts
  • Giada de Laurentiis for Target Raspberry Vinaigrette

Combine all the ingredients, toss and serve.

I suggest that you dine al fresco and pair with a bubbly bottled pilsner or a crisp glass of sauvignon blanc.

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