Farmers’ Market 6.11.11

When we left for the market this morning, it was about 75 degrees. When we got into the middle of the crowds and mobile kitchens at the market, I promise you it was about 90 degrees. It felt like midsummer today, as the morning heated up fairly quickly, and the air got thicker with each passing hour while the humidity increased. Eventually around 5:30 PM, the dense humid air was broken up with magnificent thunderstorms. They weren’t angry, windy, strong thunderstorms. They were the kind that we get only in the summer, with a steady, clean rain before a dynamic backdrop of booming thunder and dramatic lightning. It was quite refreshing after the intense heat we have had lately.

Before the fresh rain, we soaked up the sun at the South of the James Market.

By the way, thank you to the folks at the SOJ Market for featuring veg:ology on the local food links section of their website.

Here’s this week’s loot!

  • Carrots (CSA)
  • Eight ball zucchini (Walnut Hill Farm)
  • Golden beets (CSA)
  • Arugula (CSA)
  • Red potatoes (CSA)
  • Cracked black pepper chevre (Night Sky Farms)
  • Lemon pepper fettuccine (Bombolini Pasta)
  • Raspberries (Agriberry)

I actually went in with a meal plan and a grocery list this time, so I can’t wait to start cooking!

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