Farmers’ Market Double Feature 07.02.11

Hello and happy 4th of July! This week I hit the Byrd House Market on Tuesday AND the South of the James market on Saturday. All of the summer fruits and vegetables are starting to come in, which makes for some excellent eats on the veg:ology table! The eggplant is looking great, the summer squash is piled high on the market tables, and tomatoes appeared for the first time this season.

At Byrd House Market. . .

  • Eggplant
  • Green Beans
  • Melon (unidentified?)

All I have to say about SOJ Market on Saturday is. . . Oops, I did it again.

That’s a whole lot of fresh local produce!

  • Pesto basil (CSA)
  • Arugula(CSA)
  • Summer squash (Walnut Hill Farms)
  • Green bell peppers (CSA)
  • Eggplant (CSA)
  • Carrots (CSA)
  • Melon (CSA)
  • Cucumber (CSA)
  • Tomatoes (Amy’s Organic)
  • Green beans (CSA)
  • Peaches (Saunders Brothers)
  • Tomato basil mostaccioli (Bombolini pasta)

This bunch of pesto basil was larger than my head. . . and only one dollar!

Brides take note. . . wouldn't this make a lovely bouquet?

I think I have a lot of cooking ahead of me this week!

One year ago… I bought eight ball zucchini for the first time.

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