Happy Hour: Avery Brewing Company White Rascal

Remember this guy? You might recognize him from the Summer Solstice post. I think I can officially declare this my summer beer for 2011. I have been obsessed with this little gem ever since I first tried it back in May or June of this year.

It comes in a six pack of cans and it is super refreshing from the first “crack-pop-fizz” when you open the can to the last sip of spicy citrusy goodness. I poured into a glass once, but usually I drink it straight from the can (I’m one classy broad). It pours a pale yellow with a thin white head and there is a bit of white lacing on the glass when you finish, as long as you don’t gulp it down too fast. The mouthfeel is light and slightly bubbly, and it tastes just how it smells. You get a lot of orange peel, clove and coriander. If you like Hoegarden or Allagash wit, I think you should give it a try.

This white ale is a good interpretation of the style and a great one to have on hand for all your summer activities. I personally have found that this beer goes well with light meals on the porch, lounging at the river or beach, and post-hike summer picnics. It is so light and refreshing that I once brought some over to a friend’s house on a humid 90-degree night and unknowingly consumed five in the time that I thought I had had three. And that, my friends, is what I like to call instant personality. A term previously used only to describe strong coffee, the definition has now been adapted to include deliciously drinkable beers. Mainly because they too can turn me into the life of the party in less than 30 minutes.

Rascal indeed.


3 thoughts on “Happy Hour: Avery Brewing Company White Rascal

  1. Ha! I just had one of these tonight. Perfect assessment. This is an absolutely delicious beer. Perfect on a warm summer day. But as far as summer beers go, I think the 21st Amendment Hell or High Watermelon has better thirst quenching qualities. It’s a toss up really.


    • Hell or high watermelon is great and I really should drink more of it, although when it comes to 21st amendment, I’m more a fireside chat girl. I suppose I just like my beer spicy!

  2. And then there’s the “Back In Black” Black IPA. Love that beer! Will have to track down the Fireside Chat. 21st Amendment deserves much love!

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