Dr.Vegelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Hurricane

Here at veg:ology, we have been significantly impacted by Hurricane Irene. I haven’t posted this week due to my work schedule. In real life, I have a primary job that doesn’t involve cooking, eating and writing. That job pays the bills. Because I work in the utility industry in an area that was hit hard by the hurricane last weekend, I have had the privilege of working extremely long hours to do my part in restoring power to hundreds of thousands of people in this area. The lights should be back on for everyone soon, and at that point veg:ology will return. I am hoping to get a recipe and a local restaurant review up this weekend.

Until then, here is my backlog of farmers’ market photos from the last few weeks. Late summer is a great time of year to buy local produce in central Virginia.

Thank you for reading – I’ll be back soon!

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