Yoga and Brunch by the River

This weekend I went on my first LivingSocial Adventure: yoga on the James River. For those of you who haven’t seen the LivingSocial Adventures, these are events planned by the discount website LivingSocial, which is well known for its daily deals on gift certificates to local businesses. The Adventures division organizes trips and events like tubing, sushi making, whitewater rafting, and craft beer tasting. I purchased my first ticket to a LivingSocial Adventure last month and signed up for Saturday’s Yoga on the River with Brunch.

I met up with fellow blogger and Richmond neighbor Brittany from Eating Bird Food and we headed downtown to Rockett’s Landing for the event on Saturday morning. It was a bit overcast but the scenery was unique and relaxing. We set up in the grass by the river, with The Boathouse restaurant behind us and the city skyline ahead of us. The patch of grass was nestled below a steep hill that helped isolate us from the street noise above.

The class was open to all levels and the instructor did a great job of tailoring the class to make beginners feel welcome. She did not offer a lot of intermediate or advanced options while guiding the session, but I took some on my own that I remembered from experience to deepen the stretches and challenge my balance. I tend to be pretty flexible but I really struggle with balance and holding strong poses, which is extra difficult while on lumpy grass. I blame a series of ankle injuries in middle and high school that happened while playing soccer competitively year-round. The cool soft grass was an interesting variable in this experience. This was the first time I have practiced yoga outdoors and I loved it! There was the occasional boat or train passing through in the distance, but for the most part I felt very connected with nature. I opted to bring my orange mat as I welcomed the fall colors and cooler temperatures that are quickly approaching.

There was a lot of staff there and I thought the event was very well planned and executed. They chose the perfect instructor for making yogis of all levels of experience welcome. Despite the grey rainy skies, the staff members were upbeat, outgoing, and were actively trying to make sure that everyone had a good time. When the hour-long yoga session was over, we partook in a delicious brunch spread that included coffee, tea, pastries, fresh fruit and vegetables, hummus, pita chips, and a cheese tray. The fruits and vegetables were a great snack and the tea and coffee kept us warm while we socialized.

This was my second plate of food – the Whole Foods catered brunch was irresistible! I would like to do another LivingSocial Adventure sometime soon because this was a great experience and I thought it was a good value. After trying yoga outdoors, I am also really interested in doing an outside class again before it gets too cold. If you haven’t done an Adventure yet, I highly recommend that you try it out!

LivingSocial Adventures

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