Any Given Scone Day

Most Sundays in the fall involve some combination of brunch, chores and football. I especially look forward to watching a football game with a cold beer and some spicy chili or stew. But lately my Sundays have involved baking, and not much else. I have been working on my submission for a recipe contest. Because I am a perfectionist, it took me baking 64 scones over 8 days to get the recipe just right.

It’s a good thing it’s the holidays or else the bagger at the local grocery store may think my butter consumption is excessive. It’s a good thing I have coworkers, friends and new neighbors to eat my creations or else they may have to remove me from this tiny apartment with a crane. It’s a good thing these scones take precisely 18 minutes to bake or else I may not have had time to take photos of my zesting and garnishing adventures today.

After a little garnish practice, I got to zest up these beauties. I am starting to like baking because I freaking love to zest citrus fruits. Maybe it’s because the peeling is a stress reliever, or maybe it’s because the flavors and smells are so deep. Seriously, I want to add zest to everything. Today it went into two different types of scones. Lime zest for the savory scones and orange zest for the sweet ones. I can’t wait to share this recipe with you this week. I am very excited about the possibilities for my nouvelles patisseries.

Pardon my French.

It’s a good thing these scones go well with chili, or else I may have felt like I missed out on two perfect football Sundays. Instead I got the best of both worlds. Baking and sports. Sweet and savory. Look out for recipes later this week!

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