The Holiday Break That Wasn’t


You may have noticed a lapse in activity on veg:ology lately. I took a little unannounced holiday hiatus and I apologize for my lack of prewritten recipes or guest posts. My spontaneous break from blogging was unanticipated and it actually hasn’t felt like much of a break at all.

I shopped for Christmas presents. I called a few people on speaker phone with Kyle to announce our engagement. We closed on our first house. I did a ton of baking and packing. We moved into our first house.

All in one week.

So again I am sorry for vanishing without notice. For now I have no internet in the house for another week, but I promise I will post again later this week, with a giveaway to make it up to you.

The first giveaway in veg:ology history. So many firsts!

And now I will return to my new kitchen to use my stove for the first time.

6 thoughts on “The Holiday Break That Wasn’t

  1. So happy for all of your exciting news Lauren!! I wish you all the happiness in the world!!

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