VAis4Bloggers Meetup at Feast! Charlottesville

Kyle and I ventured out to Charlottesville this weekend to meet with potential caterers and photographers for our wedding this Fall. I also had the privilege of meeting up with some great VA bloggers at Feast! Charlottesville. How have I never been to this place before? Clearly I need a Cville tour guide to reteach me all the great spots around town.

Feast! is a market and lunch-counter-style restaurant that shares a building with a kitchen supply store, a wine bar, a chocolate shop, and a few other food-related local businesses. As bloggers arrived, we hugged, shook hands, took pictures, and moved tables to make a little corner of the restaurant our own. Like a group of America’s Next Top Model contestants, we struggled to “find the light” to get great shots of our food, our friends, and, well, everything. Every time I meet up with bloggers, I get a kick out of being around other people who will stop traffic to get a good photo of their food. I don’t think we turned the place completely upside down or anything; we were all very respectful and the great people at Feast were very accommodating.

Everything on the menu looked positively delicious and I had a difficult time deciding what to order. I was ultimately very happy with my decision: a cup of the vegan spicy chickpea and local chard soup and a half winter salad.

The soup was very filling and had just the right amount of spice. The winter salad featured arugula, roasted butternut squash, curried lentils, chevre, and a white wine vinaigrette. Do these people do catering? I am starting to think that I should have contacted them to do our wedding (there is still time…). This is the kind of food I love. Fresh, seasonal, wholesome food. Delicious.

And there were gifts!

Sarah brought us homemade peanut butter in adorable little jars.

And Brittany made Heady Goo Balls, which were so tasty! Check out the recipe that she posted here: Energizing Heady Goo Balls. These sweet little treats have all kinds of healthy stuff in them, including Amazing Grass. One of my favorite moments of the VAis4Bloggers meetup was when a fellow blogger (who shall remain nameless) bit into a Heady Goo Ball and exclaimed “I can taste the grass!”. . . (snicker). . . I assure you that while these delightful little goodies were delicious, there was nothing “special” about them, if you know what I mean. Totally legal.

I had a great time catching up with old friends and meeting new ones. I recommend that you check out Feast! the next time you are in Charlottesville. It seems like a place that would have something for everyone. And a special thank you to Sarah of The Smart Kitchen for organizing the outing.

Check out all the ladies’ blogs here:

Hope you had a great weekend too!

2 thoughts on “VAis4Bloggers Meetup at Feast! Charlottesville

    • Yes, it is so amazing! I had some with crackers and apple slices today and I couldn’t stop eating it. It’s like PB crack.

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