Farmers’ Market 5.5.12

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The time has come! The South of the James Market opened this weekend! This was my first SOJ Market since moving into the new house, and therefore the first one I could walk to. Check out my beautiful new route for heading to and from the farmers’ market!

Forest Hill Park is so gorgeous any time of year, but especially in the spring, when everything is in bloom! Next time I plan on getting up extra early and having a coffee on my back porch before trekking over to the market. This time, Kyle and I were too excited for Crossroads iced coffee and bagels with the works to make anything at home beforehand. We wandered over unfed and uncaffeinated as soon as we were ready, and we ordered breakfast first thing.

These chewy bagels topped with cream cheese, tomatoes, micro greens, capers, basil, salt and pepper are one of the highlights of the SOJ Market. These are Kyle’s reward for helping me carry the bags of fresh produce.

Here’s the loot!

  • Swiss chard (Victory Farms)
  • Green onions (Victory Farms)
  • Mustard greens – which Kyle insisted on for some reason (Victory Farms)
  • Salad mix (Victory Farms)
  • Radishes (Walnut Hill Produce)
  • Asparagus (Walnut Hill Produce)
  • Strawberries (Agriberry)

We will definitely get our fill of greens this week! The Swiss chard looks beautiful but Victory Farms told us it is waning, so we are trying to savor it while it’s still available. We also splurged on some cookies from Hispania Bakery this week. We sampled two varieties and they were out of this world! We had a really difficult time deciding which to buy but we ultimately picked up the Spicy Chocolate Diablo cookies. We’re suckers for chocolate and chile.

The South of the James Farmers’ Market takes place every Saturday in Forest Hill Park from 8am to noon, May 5th through December 1st.

9 thoughts on “Farmers’ Market 5.5.12

  1. I went to the South of the James market on Saturday, too!! We didn’t go til like 10:30, and it was getting really hot, haha. I did pick up some salad kale, and I’m trying to figure out what to do with salad kale…

  2. Thank you, L’il Red, for this tip on travel routes. Good thing I’m a carnivore! Happy CSA season at SOJFM!

    • Biking in this neighborhood is beautiful but hilly. I was spoiled by the flatness of the Museum District before moving here!

  3. Your walk to Forest Hill Park looks so cute. I love it! Isaac and I got to the market at like 8:15 (after grabbind coffee at Lamplighter) and it was already super busy. I was so excited about it opening up!! šŸ™‚

    Great seeing you tonight.

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