SOJ Chef Demo 06.02.12


This week at the South of the James Farmers’ Market, Chef Sam Baker featured the same dish done two ways: one with meat and one entirely meatless, because, as he said, “vegetarians are people too.”


The Chef prepared two almost identical marinades, consisting of Malbec wine from Lazy Days Winery, Viognier Vinegar from Bombolini Pasta (cut with some water), olive oil, fresh cilantro, onion, garlic, sea salt and black pepper. To one bowl he added Worcestershire sauce (non-vegetarian) and London broil from Deer Run Farm. To the other, he added Portobello mushrooms from HaaShrooms. After marinating the steak and ‘shrooms, the Chef added them to two hot pans. The aroma was incredible.



It was evident that the summer squash had really come in this week, so it earned its place as the Veg of the Week. There were so many varieties to choose from at this market this week, including zucchini, yellow crookneck squash, and golden zucchini, along with a light green oblong variety that we couldn’t name but we enjoyed nonetheless.



The Chef even cooked some unique squash that has made it on Vegology in the past. Remember Patty Pan Squash and Eight Ball Zucchini?



The demonstration featured a summer squash, onion and mushroom medley to go with the steak and Portobellos. We were so lucky to have a great deal of beautiful mushrooms from HaaShrooms this week and, true to form, the mushrooms just crept into everything without us really noticing how prevalent they were until the end of the day.


We were also pleased to use Bonnyclabber goat cheese from Sullivan Pond Farm. The particular variety we used was coated in grape leaf ash. The Chef stuffed steamed button mushrooms with the cheese, then sautéed the mushrooms and topped them with fresh cilantro.


Thank you to HaaShrooms, Deer Run Farm, Walnut Hill Farm Produce, Bonnyclabber Cheese, Lazy Days Winery, Norma’s Produce, Victory Farms, Broadfork Farm, Bombolini Pasta, and all of the other featured market vendors for producing this week’s fresh and tasty ingredients.


Visit the Market Chef page to see other SOJ Market cooking demo recaps.

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