Farmers’ Market 06.16.12

2012-06-16_13-24-16_589 crop

I know I have mentioned before how awesome my new route to the South of the James farmers’ market is.


And it’s made even more beautiful by everything that is in bloom this time of year.


I found out these giant ferns with pink wispy pom-pom blossoms are called Mimosa trees. No wonder I like them! I’m getting very comfortable with my routine of walking to the market with a Chobani Greek yogurt and a banana at 7:30 every Saturday morning. You have your mimosa brunch, I have my Mimosa walk.

Check out who else showed up at the market this weekend!


The photo hardly conveys how adorable this baby monkey (ape? I never remember the difference…) was, crawling around in a little basket in a miniature diaper after the market closed down on Saturday.

While I played with local veggies and exotic animals, Kyle did a little shopping. Here is this week’s loot!


  • Carrots
  • Onions
  • Summer squash
  • Red potatoes
  • Kale

Kyle said he almost got purple carrots, and he almost got tomatillos, but he chickened out. I told him it was okay to go a little wild and crazy and pick up something now; in fact, I prefer it that way! I saw bright yellow cucumbers and bright purple peppers at this week’s market too.

What “weird” produce do you think we should pick up next week? Have you tried anything new and crazy lately?

2 thoughts on “Farmers’ Market 06.16.12

  1. I got some black spanish radishes this week but haven’t done anything with them yet. I actually forgot they were in the fridge until I read your post! Maybe I’ll roast them…

    • Black Spanish radishes are fun, and super peppery (speaking of peppers…). I’ve never tried roasting them or doing anything other than eating them raw for that matter – let me know how they turn out!

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