Chatting and Chewing with Local Bloggers


So far I have had a great week full of fun and food with some fellow Virginia bloggers. On Tuesday, Brittany of Eating Bird Food and I hopped in the car to go to dinner in Charlottesville. I still kind of can’t believe we went to Charlottesville and back in one evening just for a dinner, but I am so glad that we did. I was a little overdue for a break from work, and our mini road trip helped me shift gears to focus on what really matters: wedding talk, local food, and blogger bonding.


The Scene:

The venue for the latest Virginia Bloggers event was The Local, a restaurant in the Belmont neighborhood of Charlottesville, VA. I had been here once before to have a drink while waiting for our table at Tavola next door. It looked really cool the first time I visited, so I was happy to see Sarah choose it for our blogger dinner.

The Cast:

The Story:

Gift bags. Drinks. Delicious local food. Laughter. Photos. Raffle. Great conversation with new friends.


The quinoa and goat cheese stuffed zucchini was fantastic. Fresh local food and great plating made this meal feel worth the drive.


Isabelle thought I brought the goodie bag home for her. She’s not getting a lick of my nutty butter.


Every time I try a new flavor of Sarah’s Nutty Butter, I think I have found my new favorite. This oatmeal raisin cookie nutty butter is awesome on overnight oats. Now available for purchase from The Smart Kitchen!


Thank you to Feast, The Spice Diva, Great Harvest, Cville Candy Company, and of course Virginia Bloggers (#VAis4Bloggers) and The Local for a wonderful dinner! I seriously think I might have to drive to Charlottesville for dinner more often. Where to dine next?

The second blogger meetup I attended this week was an informal gathering at the VMFA Best Café for happy hour on Friday.


The Scene:

I nervously exclaimed on Twitter, “I’m new to drinking in museums!” and now I am really glad I gave it a try. The VMFA Best Café has a half-off wine happy hour which involved a few $12 bottles of wine. The space was light and airy, very modern, with a nice view of the sculpture garden. All of the bright white made me feel a little less like I was in Richmond and a little more like I was at the MoMA. A few of us wandered over to the Richmond Food Truck Court at the Virginia Historical Society for dinner after the wine stopped flowing.

The Cast:

The Story:

Wine bottles. White tables. Pour. Hilarious anecdotes. New friends. Pour. Blog talk. Laughter. Walk. Food trucks. Sweet spicy vegetarian food. Cool grass. Hot pizza. Great music and conversation. Weekend!


Liz and I split a pizza from Pizza Tonight, that was served by the guy who routinely takes my order at Café Ole downtown. This guy is like my tasty food fairy godfather. He is everywhere I want to eat. I think his name is Tim. This pizza was perfect.


We also split a Dill Presidente sandwich from Rooster Cart.


They ran out of avocados and had to substitute watermelon salad. Why isn’t the Presidente made with watermelon salad all the time? Seriously, the sweet, crisp watermelon was amazing with the hot and spicy vegan chorizo. Please run out of avocado again!


This was my first time to the food truck court (I know, I know… I don’t know what took me so long). There were so many vegetarian options, I thought I had died of a wine overdose at the VMFA and gone straight to veggie heaven. We spread out on the lawn and listened to live music. It was a very chill vibe and I had a great time.


And it’s not over yet! I have another blogger meetup on Saturday afternoon for Can It Forward Day. I’m looking forward to finally trying my hand at canning with Brittany and Liz! It is so great to find people who share my interests in blogging and vegetarian eats. Makes me feel a little better about the obscene amount of time I spend taking and editing pictures of food.

We talked tonight about the best vegetarian restaurants in Richmond. It’s hard to pick just one. Which are your favorites?

5 thoughts on “Chatting and Chewing with Local Bloggers

  1. Hahaha I’m glad you now have experience, drinking in museums 😉 And having the food trucks right there… that was kind of perfect. (I also love having a vegetarian to split food with!)

    I also can’t wait to learn how to can today!!!

  2. I had such a great time hanging out this week! Thank you for driving to C-ville and for coming the Can It Forward party. I can’t wait for the next meetup. 🙂

  3. 1. I’m glad you love the Oatmeal Raisin! It’s my family’s favorite too. 🙂
    2. I wish I lived in Richmond so I could hang out with y’all more often….all of these get togethers are making me feel left out!

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