SOJ Chef Demo 09.08.12


The last time I wrote about the market, I explained all the reasons why I love rainy farmers’ market days. This week, the rain held off until late afternoon and we enjoyed a warm, sunny morning for the Market Chef Demo. We split the time with a local farmer who wanted to do their own demonstration, so we had time for just one dish. Fall flavors are starting to sneak their way into Chef Sam Baker’s food, and I am a fan.


This week, the Chef started with the challenging combination of acorn squash, Asian pears, Reginald’s peanut butter, a handful of peppers, and fresh shrimp. It certainly felt like an episode of Chopped.


The Chef seasoned the pears with Caribbean jerk seasoning before sauteeing them in a pan.


The shrimp sizzled in a nearby pan.


As usual, Chef Sam pulled it all together in one delicious dish. His peanut sauce included local peanut butter, sweet peppers, hot peppers, onion, acorn squash, salt and pepper. It may sound weird, but it was actually very tasty.


I am of the opinion that a little fresh ground black pepper makes everything better.


I did not taste the shrimp, but I can testify that the sauce and the pears were pretty awesome. If you could only taste Chef Sam Baker’s sauces and nothing else, you would still be impressed by the food that comes out of that demo tent.

Thank you to Barham Seafood, Crumptown Farm, Norma’s Produce, Reginald’s Homemade, Saunders Brothers Orchard, Victory Farms, The Village Garden, Walnut Hill Farm Produce, and all of our featured vendors for making this week’s tasty ingredients.

Unfortunately, I will miss next week’s market on September 15th. The market is at Forest Hill Park from 8:00 AM to noon. If you go and take a photo of what Chef Sam made, please share it on my facebook page or shoot me an email at vegologyblog [at] gmail [dot] com!

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