A Few Things

We have been playing with our food a lot lately.

Colonel Mustard Greens. . .


Impersonating the Great Exploding Pizza. . .


Spending way too much time carving raw sweet potatoes. . .


Finding creative uses for leafy greens. . .


These are all gems you would have caught sooner if you followed Vegology on Twitter and Instagram.

Did you hear I was on NBC12 last week? I tweeted at Andrew Freiden (@AndrewFreiden), local meteorologist, and he used my frosty windshield photo on the news!


This wouldn’t be very exciting for most people, but for me? Totally made my day. You have to understand me and weather. You probably never will. First of all, I think Andrew is a great meteorologist and NBC12 is a great news station. But more importantly, I freaking love weather. If I could pursue any other career besides the one I am currently in, I would become a meteorologist. I check the weather all day online. I watch the weather channel in my spare time. During a major storm, weather coverage is my Shark Week. I just. can’t. get. enough. So for me to pop up on the morning weather forecast? Major big deal.

And, like the weather addict I am, I want more. How do you think I could get on NBC12 again? Like, in person? Could I bake them cookies or something and then they might let me stand in front of the green screen on a commercial break just for fun? Do they need an on-set barista? I could do that. Until the day Andrew Freiden and Jim Duncan (and all other TV meteorologists for 100 miles) are out sick and they need the on-set barista to jump in. Then I might finally get my chance at giving the weather forecast on TV. I mean, if Hilary Banks could be a weather girl. . . I could too, right?

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