Best of Veg:ology 2013


Yes, you read that correctly. The Best of 2013. Everyone is doing a Best of 2012 post right now, so I figured I would be different, look into the future, and tell you what the Best of 2013 will look like here at Veg:ology. We could dwell on the past, which would be very easy to do, since 2012 may have been the best year of my life yet. It was definitely the best year for Veg:ology yet. However, I would prefer to leave the past in the past, keep up the momentum, and make 2013 even better.

Based on my crystal ball of planning, I expect the following events to make for the best Veg:ology posts of 2013.


Wedding Recap (the photos are in!)


Local Farm Tour


Vegetarian Protein and Meat Substitute Tutorial


My First Half-Marathon


Extreme(!) Local and Homemade Challenge Week


Homemade Ice Cream Recipe Roundup


Cook From the Books Challenge


Homebrew Like A Girl

I am certain that Veg:ology will continue to feature more of the same fun content that got us here. You will see more vegetarian recipes, pairing dinners, tips and reviews, strange new-to-me ingredients, and travel stories. Speaking of travel, later this week I will post a super simple recipe that reminds me of my trips to New York City, and helps fill the great reminiscent void that I feel in between my trips up north.

Please keep in mind that I have had about a 25% success rate for predicting exactly what is going to happen at Veg:ology in the past, so you should probably just stick around to see for yourself what 2013 will bring. Cross your fingers for ice cream, half-marathons, and beer. Have some ideas for things you want me to try and then blog about? Leave a comment and dare me. I’ll try (almost) anything (legal) once.

Happy New Year!

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