Bring it on Down to Veganville

Have you seen the Veganville sketch yet? If you don’t know what I’m referring to, please open another browser window and Google “Veganville Saturday Night Live,” or just follow this link.

Okay, are we all on the same page now? Great!

The reason that the Veganville sketch is important (besides the fact that if the Suit and Tie performance wasn’t enough, this sketch on the March 9th episode of SNL reminded us all why we fell in love with Justin Timberlake in the first place), is that I will be studying JT’s smooth moves and profound lyrics for the next four weeks. In an effort to boost my Team in Training fundraising, I have pledged to run the Monument Avenue 10K dressed as a block of tofu, a la Justin Timberlake in the Veganville sketch, IF I meet my goal of $2,500 by April 12th.

If you want to see photos of me dressed up as a block of tofu at a race with over 40,000 participants, go donate a few dollars now.

If you want to see video of me performing one of the Veganville songs at the finish line, please go donate a few more.

Check out my full pledge at


If I raise. . .

$2,500 – I will wear the block of tofu costume on April 13th at the Monument Avenue 10K

$3,500 – I will perform one of JT’s songs from the SNL sketch at the finish line of the Monument Avenue 10K

$5,000 – I will officially “bring it on down to Veganville” and go vegan for 28 days

The deadline for donations is April 12, 2013. Donate today!

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