This is a travelog of my adventures with trying new ingredients, techniques, flavors, and destinations. I took a break from writing for a while to spend more time living life free from obsessive documentation of it. Now I’m back with a new look and a lot of ideas and experiences to share.

The Food

The best cooking stories I have are the unexpected successes and the inevitable disasters resulting from my first times trying something new. All the dishes here are meatless, as I have followed a vegetarian diet since January 2008. I try to use local ingredients and I buy organic as often as my budget allows. (The Environmental Working Group offers a great tool for determining what organic produce to spend your money on if you’re on a tight budget.) Since becoming a vegetarian on a New Years Eve dare, I have tried more new ingredients, styles, and techniques than ever before. Most people think that cutting out meat limits your options, but it has opened up a whole new world of cooking to me. The food in this blog is prepared in the spirit of that experience.

The Drinks

I will occasionally write about beer, wine and liquor. I am no expert, just an explorer, so the reviews and pairings are amateur and for the purpose of documenting what I have tried and what ideas I have for the future. Hopefully we will learn something in the process. Cheers!

The Photography

I have never been and most likely never will be a professional photographer. I cook and I write purely for the enjoyment and the sense of community that both bring. I photograph my food because both my cooking and writing might be boring without it. I often see and experience things that are better retold with pictures than with words, so here is the evidence of my exploits. Enjoy.