Farmers’ Market 08.18.12 and Food Truck Court


When Saturday’s South of the James Market rolled around, Chef Sam Baker was unfortunately sick and unable to do the cooking demonstrations for the day. While Sam rested at home, I got the rare opportunity to explore the market on my own this week! At first I was bummed that we wouldn’t be doing a demo, but I really enjoyed myself and learned a lot while perusing the market without an agenda. I think Kyle appreciated the company while shopping this week too.


Peppers and tomatoes were everywhere this week, with tons of zucchini and squash too. The humidity dropped in the morning and it was a cool, breezy walk to the market around 7:30 AM. I wore a long sleeved chambray shirt with shorts and it seriously felt like fall was around the corner. My suspicions were confirmed by a tub of butternut squash at the Walnut Hill Farms produce stand. I am so excited that my favorite season is coming soon! And with my favorite season comes our wedding in. . . two months!


We ran into a bunch of friends at the market. It was a beautiful day and we had a great time. I ended up really enjoying the break, but I am looking forward to starting the cooking demonstrations again next week. Here is a rundown of our loot, pictured above:

  • Basil from Victory Farms (big plans for this…)
  • Tomatoes from Walnut Hill Farm
  • Bell peppers from Norma’s Produce
  • Jalapenos from Victory Farms
  • Eggplant from Walnut Hill Farm
  • Poblano peppers from Norma’s Produce
  • Okra from Pleitez Produce
  • Zucchini from Pleitez Produce
  • Butternut squash from Walnut Hill Farm
  • Onions from Pleitez Produce


In case you were wondering, this week’s produce photo shoot took place at Forest Hill Lake, a gorgeous place for taking pictures of your vegetables, among other things. We are so fortunate to have this right in our backyard.

Speaking of backyards, we visited our old neighborhood on Friday night to check out the food truck court at the Virginia Historical Society. It was Kyle’s first time to the food truck court and he loved every bite!


It was an eating marathon for us. I was so happy that we showed up with appetites because there was a lot of great food to be had.


One of the highlights was this delicious plate of tacos from Rooster Cart. We had both had their sandwiches before but had never tried the tacos. They were incredible. We shed a sad tear in memory of our beloved Café Gutenberg and a happy tear for the future of the Rooster Cart.


Another highlight was our first King of Pops experience. I told Kyle all about how I had been meaning to try them but never got over there during the farmers’ market. Kyle was skeptical of how amazing a simple popsicle could be, but he agreed to give it a try. I was really surprised when we approached the cart and Kyle greeted Paul from King of Pops like an old friend.


Apparently Kyle and Paul go to the same Wing Chun Kung Fu studio. So if you’re thinking about messing with the King of Pops, I suggest that you think twice. Not only is he a magnificent popsicle maker; he is also a deadly weapon in disguise.


I had a little sore throat and these popsicles were the perfect cure. Kyle had the tangerine basil, and I had the (wildly popular) chocolate sea salt. All I can say is WOW. Of course I tried both because Kyle and I are gross in that we swap spit and share popsicles and such. I wanted to try every flavor. I asked to help create flavors. I almost demanded a front row seat during R&D for the fall flavor creation process. It’s safe to say we are now believers.

I hope you had an equally life-transforming and wonderful weekend! If not, make it a delicious week!

Check out Richmond food truck courts here:

… and Richmond farmers’ markets here: RVA Markets

Farmers’ Market 08.28.10

This morning was one of those mornings that encourages notions of invincibility. I climbed out of bed one hour before my alarm went off. The sunlight streamed through my large bedroom windows and warmed me up before my feet even touched the shaggy blue rug beside my bed. Feeling the bright light on my face, I reached for the fake Ray-Bans on my bedside table instead of my prescription glasses: instantly cool. As I made my way through the apartment, the cat wove figure-eights around my ankles and I did not fall. Today I could rule the world, if I so desired.

However all I desired this morning was a cold cup of iced coffee from Black Hand and a stroll through the SOTJ market. Since I missed the market last weekend due to a very long day trip, I had looked forward to this morning for the last 7 days (at least). And when I woke up today with no obligations or plans to do anything at all, the possibilities overwhelmed me. I wanted to tackle the laundry, build our flat-packed DIY furniture, organize the entire apartment, change my own oil, climb Mount Everest, run for President. . . go to the South-of-the James Market.

And perhaps my zeal resulted in a ridiculously large purchase of local fruits and vegetables.

Wowzers! Go-Go-Gadget Santoku!

It’s OK. I will find a way to use all this food. I am Wonder Woman. By the way, this is how far $32 goes at the farmer’s market. In case you were wondering.

  • Black pepper linguine from Bombolini (I know, we’re addicted)
  • Giant cucumber
  • Yellow summer squash
  • Butternut squash
  • Basil
  • Bell peppers
  • White and yellow peaches
  • Asian pears
  • Slicing tomatoes
  • Sungold tomatoes
  • Purslane
  • Okra

Think I might have been making up for last week?

Kyle and I also grabbed a snack from the Boka Tako truck. I have read a lot of good things about Boka Tako, and while I am a devoted fan of Nate’s Taco Truck, I have been dying to give this one a try. They offer fusion tacos and the customized concept is neat: the customer chooses the meat and the style and the guys at Boka Tako throw it together. Here is today’s menu (click to enlarge):

We wanted to try the tofu tacos in these two styles:

Asian – kimchi, sesame, herbs

Mexican – habanero-lime, chipotle crema, cheese

Unfortunately, when we got there they had just run out of tofu. I had seen the prep that went into some other customers’ tacos and all the delicious looking toppings and sauces and I thought, who needs the protein? I just want to try the stuff. I asked them to make me the two tacos with no tofu, just the toppings. They looked at me kind of funny and then shrugged and offered me the tofu-less tacos at a discounted price. They also threw in a third taco in the remaining style:

American – BBQ, sherry slaw, cheese, caramelized onions.


Might not be very healthy, but oh my was this delicious! Verdict: a mi me gustan estos tacos. We will definitely return, and next time it will be early enough to get the tofu. Or not. Either way, muy sabrosa.

After we left the market, I channeled my energy (and general feeling of invincibility) toward even more productive and superheroic activities. Activities that were so impressive that they deserve their own post.

Can you guess what metaphorical mountain I climbed today?

Hint: It was not Mount Everest. I said “metaphorical.”