Happy Hour: Redhook Rope Swing

I am not exactly a Redhook enthusiast. However I am currently pretty into pilsners. Maybe it’s the record-breaking high temperatures. Maybe it’s that my beloved brown ale and I are currently on a break (absence makes the heart grow fonder). I’m not exactly sure what it is, but something made me pick this up in the beer cave at my neighborhood Kroger:

This is Redhook’s seasonal summer brew, the Rope Swing Summer Pilsner. I poured myself a glass while cooking tacos the other night and it was really enjoyable. It has a light, sweet, maltiness that is not too overpowering and a crisp, dry finish that is moderately hoppy. I think it’s nice for a summer evening.

If it weren’t in a glass bottle, I would love to take this down to the river for a day of splashing in the cool water and laying out on the rocks. It would also be a fine accompaniment to a leisurely tubing trip.

Check out Redhook Brewery here.