Veg:ology Turns 1 Year Old!

Happy blogiversary to me!

It’s true, exactly one year ago I wrote my first post for veg:ology. You can read my very first post here. Hello world.

Over the last year, I have given readers a glimpse inside my tiny Richmond, VA kitchen as I have stretched myself to continue my culinary education, a skill developed largely by means of trial and error. As I look back, I remember flying by so many milestones along the way, and I am fascinated by how I got here. There are too many memories to list here, but a few stand out. Increasing the occupancy of my one bedroom apartment by one (Hi Kyle!). Throwing my first brand sponsored dinner party (thanks POM). Receiving my first advertising payment from FoodBuzz. Writing my first guest post for another blog. Spending hours in the kitchen cooking for a sick family member over several difficult weeks (an experience undocumented on the blog as of yet). Expanding to Facebook and Twitter. Making dozens of friends through the food blogging community whom I’ve never met in person. Having my recipes republished on other Richmond blogs and websites. Completing a year of experimental cooking without one smoke detector being set off.

As I have been reflecting over the last year’s worth of blog posts, I have also been crunching the numbers. I thought you might be interested in what we’ve been doing here at veg:ology since June 2010. So here you have it, the Veg:ology Annual Report for year one.

  • Different farmers’ markets visited: 6
  • Happy Hour drink recipes and reviews: 15
  • Baking total failures: 3
  • Baking total successes: 5
  • Site visits resulting from the search term “zucchini”: 71
  • Fellow food bloggers met in person: 2
  • Garden plants planted: 6
  • Garden plants survived: 5
  • Different cities’ food scenes explored: 10
  • Ingredients used for the first time ever: 21

I started veg:ology as a creative outlet and as a place for me to chronicle my adventures with new ingredients and new cooking techniques. Here are all of the ingredients I used for the first time and recorded over the last year:

Beets, bok choy, cranberry beans, dumpling wrappers, eight ball zucchini, escarole, fennel, heirloom tomatoes, patty pan squash, persimmons, plantains, pomegranate, pumpkin (whole), purslane, seitan, shelling peas, tempeh, tofurky roast, tomatillos, whey protein powder, whole wheat flour

So what is on the agenda for next year?

I’ve been thinking a lot about my goals for the next year of veg:ology and my preliminary list is as follows:

  1. Try 25 new ingredients
  2. Try 5 new cooking techniques
  3. Attend at least one blogger conference
  4. Add another form of media to the world of veg:ology
  5. Spend more time learning from the experts

Thank you to everyone who has been reading over the last year. I appreciate all the support from my family and friends, old and new. It has been truly wonderful to meet so many new friends in this space as I find my place in the food blogging community.

XOXO, Lauren